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Tactical Ninjas Group

50 Day Firearms Challenge - Pistol
Each day (for 50 days), we will give you a short 2-3 minute dryfire or gun manipulation drill. There will also be a few live fire drills that will need to be completed. Points are earned for completion of the drill with prizes awarded at the end of the 50 days to leaders. Each participant earning over 300pts will receive the 50 Day Pistol patch. This is a free Challenge, so invite your friends to sign up.
** Drills reset every night at midnight

Shooting Targets
All kinds of different targets to print and take to the range.

Tactical Target Patch Set
Challenge your skills as you attempt to shoot each patch at its proper distance. All eight 3"x3" target patches. The Moving Target (Zombie edition) patch is only available in the full set purchase.

Tactical Ghost Patch
Show your support for the Tactical Ninja group with your own Ghost patch.

Tactical Camo Patch
Camo version of our Tactical Ninja member patch.