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There is no initiation fee, no long term contracts, nothing to sign. However, we believe in positive peer-pressure and being held accountable for your progress. Don't let that scare you - what that means is that you go at your own pace, but we'll be here to help and keep you motivated. See, positive peer-pressure!

Have questions about joining Team Ninja? Contact us and we can get you started.

How to Join

Raise your fist to the air (and wave it like you just don't care) and say "I am a Ninja!" Congratulations, you are now part of Team Ninja. Now you just have to follow our motto and be active. Easiest way to do that is to join us at an event (race, OCR, team exercise, etc). And how do you find out what events are coming up - pick your delivery method: Facebook, Web, Email, or Txt Msg.

Our closed group on Facebook is quickly becoming our primary, daily communication tool. We post pictures, new events, updates and chat with other members. If you are using Facebook, I highly recommend signing in and joining our private group.

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Web Site
How easy is this one - you are already here. If you don't like Facebook, check out the Events page and you'll see the list of current events as well as the wrap-up of previous events. Be sure to look at the photos/videos from earlier events!

Every couple of weeks, we will fire off an email with the list of the major upcoming events, and how/when/where we plan on training/running/eating. We always have to eat after an event.
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Check out our Instagram account for some of the latest photos of Ninja events from all over the country: TeamNinjaRocks

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Text Message (SMS)
This will be the least active method of all four. We will send out a monthly short text message with a list of major events for the month. You'll miss all the planning and pre-event craziness, but at least you'll know when the race starts. Please don't let this be your only interaction you have with the Team.
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Participation Waiver
All members of Team Ninja that will be participating in any Team Ninja event or representing Team Ninja at an event are required to sign this release.
Event Participation Waiver

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