Team Ninja prides itself as not falling into the groove of only participating in one type of event/race. In fact it's against our motto: Get up and do something new! So, you will see some typical road races and obstacle course races (OCRs), but you also find some boot camps, parkour jams, TKD workouts, MMA fights, rock climbing, bike rides, cookouts, and anything else that we can think will be fun.

Have an event that you want to suggest? Contact us and let us know about it.

Past Event

Wine at the Line 5K
5M Run   |   Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 4:00pm
Bargersville, IN
OverallBy SexBy AgeNameSexAgeBibPaceFinal
5808David RichardsM4207:5124:25.6
340013Michelle KeslerF4609:5831:00.7
341016Erica RichardsF4009:5931:01.5
455022Angie MeeksF40010:3733:02.0
529029Tony CrabillM43011:0534:28.0
530080Bobbi LoganF34011:0634:29.1
647050Cara BilinskyF43012:0837:44.7

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