Team Ninja prides itself as not falling into the groove of only participating in one type of event/race. In fact it's against our motto: Get up and do something new! So, you will see some typical road races and obstacle course races (OCRs), but you also find some boot camps, parkour jams, TKD workouts, MMA fights, rock climbing, bike rides, cookouts, and anything else that we can think will be fun.

Have an event that you want to suggest? Contact us and let us know about it.

Past Event

Warrior Dash
5K OCR   |   Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 9:00am
Crawfordsville, IN
OverallBy SexBy AgeNameSexAgeBibPaceFinal
94026Rob RiddleM344994512:3938:11.60
590079Luke DewelM165203815:3647:07.35
599081Austin RearickM194987315:3847:12.50
737078David RichardsM414992916:1048:49.85
8570109Spencer RearickM145184216:3650:09.95
878046Jennifer RiddleF324994316:4050:21.90
879018Angie RearickF474987216:4150:22.35
17940146Bridgette MillerF324913119:5259:59.85
1901069Erica RichardsF404993020:111:00:58.40
25040260Heather CiscellF3685721:541:06:08.50
26690654Christopher BrownM365206522:231:07:36.20
27170665David VernonM385098922:301:07:56.85
27180291Amanda VernonF375098722:301:07:56.85
27690298Bill VernonM405098822:381:08:21.70
277200Will VernonM129387422:381:08:22.50
30800154Michelle KeslerF455203723:351:11:13.95
3093017Laura SeidenstickerF345202223:371:11:20.70
41260890James KirkpatrickM334844127:071:21:55.20
41270570Cassandra KirkpatrickF344843927:071:21:55.75
49280138Ronald SchwankeM525187632:061:36:57.65
493304Elizabeth MartinF635174432:161:37:28.65

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