Team Ninja prides itself as not falling into the groove of only participating in one type of event/race. In fact it's against our motto: Get up and do something new! So, you will see some typical road races and obstacle course races (OCRs), but you also find some boot camps, parkour jams, TKD workouts, MMA fights, rock climbing, bike rides, cookouts, and anything else that we can think will be fun.

Have an event that you want to suggest? Contact us and let us know about it.

Past Event

Indiana Spartan Sprint
5K Run   |   Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 9:00am
Laurel, IN
OverallBy SexBy AgeNameSexAgeBibPaceFinal
1241245James RiceM43327919:171:17:08
15715328Rob RiddleM34328419:441:18:56
22722113James StreiselM40342520:441:22:57
26125416Jason KeslerM38328921:101:24:42
28127421Chris BrownM36328821:321:26:08
28527720Manny FranciaM40329221:341:26:18
457194Laura SeidenstickerF33329023:001:32:03
52950236William VernonM40328123:391:34:36
613352Angie RearickF47328224:451:39:02
824768108Baylor De Los ReyesM15327826:261:45:44
903648Maureen RandallF35162426:541:47:36
9797916Jennifer RiddleF31328327:351:50:22
985809Melissa McCormickF35327727:361:50:27
12461109147Austin RearickM19328629:391:58:37
146219317Savannah YoungF17329731:022:04:08
14771277154Chad MillerM36329631:292:05:59
152120813Laura BradfordF45328731:362:06:26
156421914Michelle KeslerF45329331:572:07:48
207644420Janet PiedmonteF47342339:282:37:52
209145021Joan PiedmonteF47342439:432:38:54
2096164288Ray PiedmonteM48327639:482:39:14
2103164790Darren PiedmonteM48327539:572:39:48

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